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Zach Steel - Animal Urges 

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I was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee and moved to Korea Town in Los Angeles, California in 2004 with dreams of achieving the same sort of bullshit VH1 Behind the Music rock and roll stardom I'd watched on cable TV as a teenager. After a year of playing solo shows and working at different clubs in Hollywood, I met two twin brothers from Kobe, Japan who played drums and bass. We had a hard rock / metal power trio for the next 6 years called STEEL playing over 200 shows around Southern California but mostly at places on the Sunset Strip. We were also regulars in the Kiss or Kill music scene and played every Thursday at Canter's Kibitz Room for 2.5 years (a standing record I believe). Around 2010 we broke up and I decided I wanted to pursue an avenue of performance where I was not reliant on other musicians. Something I would always be able to do alone, something that was LOUD - something that wasn't beholden to the whims of inevitable band drama. So I purchased a Roland MC-50 Loop Station and spent every weeknight for the next 5 years perfecting a one-man-band live-looping extravaganza of pleasure that must be seen live to truly experience. But you can get a taste of it here on the Youtube.

P.S. I like to play my own unique brand of country music sometimes as well.