Zach Steel – Enuff – Live-Looping in Pajamas

100% live with no overdubs.
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I try not to bring it up but I always remember when you’re being bad to me
I should try and forget my heart and kill whatever’s left of this fantasy
I wake up mad every morning wishing you were the kind of girl that would dance
Then you wouldn’t have to [...]

Zach Steel – Around

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How pathetic is that
Years later I’m still thinking about it
I can’t stop my mind
I can’t find nobody else that fine
This thing with you
Looking forward to a day when it don’t make me blue, and I’m not
Locked away from all that lovin’, cause I
Spend all my time worrying about nothing
There’s nothing to say
You know [...]

Zach Steel – I’m Only Gonna Miss Your Dog

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You drink every single day
So you don’t have to drive to my side of town
You say you don’t like my country music
You prefer those jam band hippie clowns
You really say that you got to know me
Having me over for just one night a week
You think that bachelors in psychology
Let you discover the missing [...]

Zach Steel – Borderline (Madonna Cover)

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My countrified take on the Madonna classic “Borderline.”
Written by Reggie Lucas. Arranged, produced and performed by Zach Steel.

Zach Steel – Hearoes Of The 90s

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Looking out on the desert skyline, you know it looks so pretty to me
Don’t mind the dirt I can bathe in the sunshine, no place to go but there’s places to stay for free
No steady woman and I ain’t gonna have one, ain’t got no job cause money don’t mean nothing to me
I’ll [...]

Zach Steel – Come Back To Me – Live

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Back around 2006 I wanted to start a big band with back-up singers. I called it Montacore. Because that was the name of the tiger that attacked Roy from Siegfried and Roy.

Vox and keys – Zach Steel
Drums – Geoff Robbins
Sax – Bobby Greiert
Guitar – Garett Sakahara
Bass – Joel Bunn
Bkg Vox – Jessica Littlefield
Bkg [...]

Zach Steel – Heartt

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Brand new Steel born on 2/7/15. Guitar and vocals recorded on an Iphone 5 in one take (but the 14th take) with some overdubbed vocals and EQ via ProTools.
Don’t you run away this time on me / just when you’re about to see / who I really am / best things are hard [...]

Zach Steel – 1978

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“1978 – Superman could use his legs, everything was great. Fuckin around in the Middle East – stabbing backs, spreading the beast”
These days it’s pretty much impossible for me to watch a movie or a show without picking up the phone and diving in to the #rabbithole that is #wikipedia = my favorite [...]

Zach Steel – Halfway

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This is the first song I wrote via my one-man-band live looping set-up, back around #2009 I think. #halfway #zachsteel

Well my mind’s a mess, my body’s range of motion, you know it’s hurting me so badly
I can’t stop thinking bout those things that you said, you know you almost had me
Like a storm [...]

Zach Steel – 12:03 (electric)

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Yutaka Ichinayagi: drums
Satoshi Ichinayagi: bass
Zach Steel: vocals and guitar/words and music
“The rich have extiguished every single point of view. Every day we give birth to more and more who’ll never have a clue.”
One of my top 5 favorite bands is #motorhead. Before I heard them, I had never heard double bass drumming like [...]