Zach Steel – Enuff – Live-Looping in Pajamas

100% live with no overdubs.
Download on Soundcloud.

I try not to bring it up but I always remember when you’re being bad to me
I should try and forget my heart and kill whatever’s left of this fantasy
I wake up mad every morning wishing you were the kind of girl that would dance
Then you wouldn’t have to [...]

Zach Steel – Girl You Know It’s True – Live (Cover)

The Milli Vanilli classic. Steel style.

My ad lib lyrics:
I’m in love with you girl
You’re so soft and sweet
You’re all that I think about
Most every Week
Gotta get your hearts
On the Instagram
I’m liking all the things
The others don’t understand
The way you wear that smile
Wear it so well
Like its just for me
And only I can tell

Say Goodnight live @ The Satellite 4/15/12

This show was a fundraiser for Rock and Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles.

Zach Steel – Sho’ Enuff

“I hope it’s worth it how I’m feeling inside/They say it’s illness but I take it in stride/Being this awesome can be hard to sustain/It may look easy but sometimes I’m insane…”

Zach Steel – Tragic

Download the album version of the track here.

Zach Steel – Come Back to Me w/ MONTACORE

From an old project called MONTACORE (the tiger that mauled Roy of Siegfried and Roy). Circa 2007 I think.

STEEL – Clips from the Sunset Strip

Circa 2008 I think. We were “on” that night.

Zach Steel – Say Goodnight

A new original tune with improved special effects.

Zach Steel – Urgent

A cover of the Foreigner classic, recorded live. Download an MP3 for free below.

Zach Steel – Right Down the Line

A cover of the Gerry Rafferty classic from the album City to City. And my first After Effects project. Download an MP3 for free below the video.