Zach Steel – 12:03 (electric)

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Yutaka Ichinayagi: drums
Satoshi Ichinayagi: bass
Zach Steel: vocals and guitar/words and music
“The rich have extiguished every single point of view. Every day we give birth to more and more who’ll never have a clue.”
One of my top 5 favorite bands is #motorhead. Before I heard them, I had never heard double bass drumming like [...]

Zach Steel – 12:03 (acoustic)

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“Wear your tight clothes to do those dirty deeds. We’ll eat up those videos that are as tasteless as MSG.”
Gonna throw a little #twofortuesday action at you #kz106 style. I’m going to post two versions of the same song – this first one is the original #acoustic version fo the tune that I [...]

Zach Steel – Tougher Than The Rest (cover)

Zach Steel – Eat Your Heart Out

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From the #bedroom. Produced, arranged, composed, and performed by Zach Steel. #eatyourheartout #acoustic #yamahakeyboard #gibsonguitar #hohnerharmonica #zachsteel

Zach Steel – Like It

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Thanks to @norwoodsteel the unofficial #zachsteel back catalog #curator this track has not been lost forever. I do not remember writing this, I do not remember recording this, but its me, and contains a lyric that had to make me smile: “when she kissed me – oh lord – I felt like a [...]

She’s a Rebel (Cover)

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My cover of the 1962 classic performed by The Crystals, produced by Phil Spector and written by Gene Pitney. All sounds on this recording were arranged, performed and produced by myself in a studio apartment in Korea Town, Los Angeles around 2006.

Zach Steel – Explosion

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My best Desmond Child imitation as far as the production. Also a heavy dose of influence from Alice Cooper’s Poison album. Recorded by Travis Greene in Northridge, CA around 2007 I think. Could have also been recorded by Mista John Montgomery in Echo Park, CA around that time. Drums performed by Yutaka Ichinayagi [...]