Show – Genghis Cohen 3/26/15

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Zach Steel – Hearoes Of The 90s

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Looking out on the desert skyline, you know it looks so pretty to me
Don’t mind the dirt I can bathe in the sunshine, no place to go but there’s places to stay for free
No steady woman and I ain’t gonna have one, ain’t got no job cause money don’t mean nothing to me
I’ll [...]

Zach Steel – Come Back To Me – Live

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Back around 2006 I wanted to start a big band with back-up singers. I called it Montacore. Because that was the name of the tiger that attacked Roy from Siegfried and Roy.

Vox and keys – Zach Steel
Drums – Geoff Robbins
Sax – Bobby Greiert
Guitar – Garett Sakahara
Bass – Joel Bunn
Bkg Vox – Jessica Littlefield
Bkg [...]

Zach Steel – Heartt

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Brand new Steel born on 2/7/15. Guitar and vocals recorded on an Iphone 5 in one take (but the 14th take) with some overdubbed vocals and EQ via ProTools.
Don’t you run away this time on me / just when you’re about to see / who I really am / best things are hard [...]

Zach Steel – 1978

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“1978 – Superman could use his legs, everything was great. Fuckin around in the Middle East – stabbing backs, spreading the beast”
These days it’s pretty much impossible for me to watch a movie or a show without picking up the phone and diving in to the #rabbithole that is #wikipedia = my favorite [...]

Zach Steel – Halfway

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This is the first song I wrote via my one-man-band live looping set-up, back around #2009 I think. #halfway #zachsteel

Well my mind’s a mess, my body’s range of motion, you know it’s hurting me so badly
I can’t stop thinking bout those things that you said, you know you almost had me
Like a storm [...]