Zach Steel – Heartt

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Brand new Steel born on 2/7/15. Guitar and vocals recorded on an Iphone 5 in one take (but the 14th take) with some overdubbed vocals and EQ via ProTools.

Don’t you run away this time on me / just when you’re about to see / who I really am / best things are hard to understand and so am I / you say that people they don’t get you yeah / aren’t you glad I try / you know for years I thought it all was just a lie / days spent planning spectacular ways to die

these motions / of emotions / like oceans / I’m throwing up all over the side / of this boat / one big love note / a frog in my throat / but I won’t run and hide

these things I thought I knew / turned out to be the glue beneath my feat / and if nobody cares or if they all stop and stare / I’ll still think it’s neat

cause everyone will know / I’m still gonna show / my HEARTT.

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