Zach Steel – Enuff – Live-Looping in Pajamas

100% live with no overdubs.

Download on Soundcloud.


I try not to bring it up but I always remember when you’re being bad to me
I should try and forget my heart and kill whatever’s left of this fantasy
I wake up mad every morning wishing you were the kind of girl that would dance
Then you wouldn’t have to complain that I’m not giving you enuff romance

If you want love
Well I don’t feel it baby
I like you fine, but it just ain’t enuff
I can pretend, and you won’t notice maybe
That this won’t work
Cause we’re different and stuff

My dark side’s been here this whole time hidden under relief I might not always be alone
And you may always hate me, but I owe you proving I’m not completely stone

I’ve had enuff, I think it’s over.

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