Zach Steel – Enuff – Live-Looping in Pajamas

100% live with no overdubs.
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I try not to bring it up but I always remember when you’re being bad to me
I should try and forget my heart and kill whatever’s left of this fantasy
I wake up mad every morning wishing you were the kind of girl that would dance
Then you wouldn’t have to [...]

Zach Steel Live Tracks – Genghis Cohen 3/26/15

Show – Genghis Cohen 3/26/15

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Zach Steel – Come Back To Me – Live

Download on Soundcloud.

Back around 2006 I wanted to start a big band with back-up singers. I called it Montacore. Because that was the name of the tiger that attacked Roy from Siegfried and Roy.

Vox and keys – Zach Steel
Drums – Geoff Robbins
Sax – Bobby Greiert
Guitar – Garett Sakahara
Bass – Joel Bunn
Bkg Vox – Jessica Littlefield
Bkg [...]

Say Goodnight live @ The Satellite 4/15/12

This show was a fundraiser for Rock and Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles.

Zach Steel – Sho’ Enuff

“I hope it’s worth it how I’m feeling inside/They say it’s illness but I take it in stride/Being this awesome can be hard to sustain/It may look easy but sometimes I’m insane…”

Zach Steel – Tragic

Download the album version of the track here.

Video from Bar Lubitsch Show 5/29/11

“Making You Up”

“Hot Enuff to Kill”

“Animal Urges”

Download “Alone” (Heart Cover) live at Hotel Cafe

Download “Animal Urges” live at Hotel Cafe