Zach Steel – 12:03 (electric)

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Yutaka Ichinayagi: drums
Satoshi Ichinayagi: bass
Zach Steel: vocals and guitar/words and music
“The rich have extiguished every single point of view. Every day we give birth to more and more who’ll never have a clue.”
One of my top 5 favorite bands is #motorhead. Before I heard them, I had never heard double bass drumming like [...]

Zach Steel – Explosion

Download on Soundcloud.
My best Desmond Child imitation as far as the production. Also a heavy dose of influence from Alice Cooper’s Poison album. Recorded by Travis Greene in Northridge, CA around 2007 I think. Could have also been recorded by Mista John Montgomery in Echo Park, CA around that time. Drums performed by Yutaka Ichinayagi [...]