Zach Steel – Around

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How pathetic is that
Years later I’m still thinking about it
I can’t stop my mind
I can’t find nobody else that fine
This thing with you
Looking forward to a day when it don’t make me blue, and I’m not
Locked away from all that lovin’, cause I
Spend all my time worrying about nothing
There’s nothing to say
You know [...]

Zach Steel – I’m Only Gonna Miss Your Dog

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You drink every single day
So you don’t have to drive to my side of town
You say you don’t like my country music
You prefer those jam band hippie clowns
You really say that you got to know me
Having me over for just one night a week
You think that bachelors in psychology
Let you discover the missing [...]

Zach Steel – 12:03 (acoustic)

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“Wear your tight clothes to do those dirty deeds. We’ll eat up those videos that are as tasteless as MSG.”
Gonna throw a little #twofortuesday action at you #kz106 style. I’m going to post two versions of the same song – this first one is the original #acoustic version fo the tune that I [...]