Zach Steel – Heartt

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Brand new Steel born on 2/7/15. Guitar and vocals recorded on an Iphone 5 in one take (but the 14th take) with some overdubbed vocals and EQ via ProTools.
Don’t you run away this time on me / just when you’re about to see / who I really am / best things are hard [...]

Zach Steel – 1978

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“1978 – Superman could use his legs, everything was great. Fuckin around in the Middle East – stabbing backs, spreading the beast”
These days it’s pretty much impossible for me to watch a movie or a show without picking up the phone and diving in to the #rabbithole that is #wikipedia = my favorite [...]

Zach Steel – Halfway

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This is the first song I wrote via my one-man-band live looping set-up, back around #2009 I think. #halfway #zachsteel

Well my mind’s a mess, my body’s range of motion, you know it’s hurting me so badly
I can’t stop thinking bout those things that you said, you know you almost had me
Like a storm [...]

Zach Steel – Longtime (Hawaii Mixx)

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On a trip to Hawaii in 2011 I wrote this song. The lyrics were inspired by the tornadoes in Joplin MO. The tune I came up with in my head while driving a convertible jeep down the Honolulu highway in the rain. This is an early mixx I found with different vocal and [...]

Zach Steel – Unadulterated

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Zach Steel – Girl You Know It’s True – Live (Cover)

The Milli Vanilli classic. Steel style.

My ad lib lyrics:
I’m in love with you girl
You’re so soft and sweet
You’re all that I think about
Most every Week
Gotta get your hearts
On the Instagram
I’m liking all the things
The others don’t understand
The way you wear that smile
Wear it so well
Like its just for me
And only I can tell

Zach Steel – Right Down the Line

A cover of the Gerry Rafferty classic from the album City to City. And my first After Effects project. Download an MP3 for free below the video.