Zach Steel – Like It

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Thanks to @norwoodsteel the unofficial #zachsteel back catalog #curator this track has not been lost forever. I do not remember writing this, I do not remember recording this, but its me, and contains a lyric that had to make me smile: “when she kissed me – oh lord – I felt like a [...]

Zach Steel – Explosion

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My best Desmond Child imitation as far as the production. Also a heavy dose of influence from Alice Cooper’s Poison album. Recorded by Travis Greene in Northridge, CA around 2007 I think. Could have also been recorded by Mista John Montgomery in Echo Park, CA around that time. Drums performed by Yutaka Ichinayagi [...]

STEEL – Clips from the Sunset Strip

Circa 2008 I think. We were “on” that night.